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Welcome to the Western Coalition of Arid States

WESTCAS was formed in 1992 when water and wastewater service providers joined to share their talents and resources---assuming the name Western Coalition of Arid States or WESTCAS. A grassroots organization, WESTCAS has been dedicated to advocating for the development of water programs and regulations to assure adequate supplies of high-quality water for those living in the arid regions, while protecting the environment.

WESTCAS has advocated for a number of signature Arid West issues such as regulating discharges to effluent dominated streams, Whole Effluent Toxicity testing requirements, and the revised arsenic rule affecting Arid West groundwater supplies. Through these advocacy initiatives, WESTCAS helped to mitigate our members’ concerns about these issues in a manner that individual members were unlikely to accomplish. Additionally, WESTCAS also provided valuable input on the new WOTUS rule during the past three (3) years and can be proud of its’ contributions to the rule adopted on April 19, 2020 and became effective June 22, 2020.
Declines in WESTCAS membership and member participation have continued and, unfortunately, 2020 has been a particularly challenging year for all. WESTCAS members have been directly impacted by the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19 regarding travel, in-person gatherings, and the economy. Many have implemented travel restrictions, postponed much needed rate increases, and implemented budget reductions that often target membership dues and travel expenses.

Therefore, the WESTCAS Board of Directors has voted to “retire” our Coalition and its official advocacy programs. Effective December 31, 2020, we will close our Administrative Office and no further dues will be solicited. We will keep our web site on-line for 2021, and we are considering the formation of an information network on Arid West issues, as several of our members have suggested. You will soon receive information describing how you can participate in this network and connect with other associations working to address western water issues.

As a Board we are proud of WESTCAS accomplishments. Of particular value is the concept that the unique water conditions that occur in the Arid West are considered when regulating and managing water resources. We trust that each of you will accept our sincere “Thank You” for making our goal possible!

WESTCAS is an organization of water and wastewater service providers who advocate for water resources in the arid southwest. We are active in both legislative and regulatory arenas on water-related issues that disproportionately impact our members. We seek to raise awareness of the unique character of arid regions and thereby prompt provisions in proposed legislation and rulemaking that are protective of water resources. Our collective voice has been effective in a wide array of water issues, notably whole effluent testing, arsenic drinking water standards, definition of waters of the US, drought response, floodplains, and quagga mussels.